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Information For the Processing of Personal Data

ADELINA PACK IKE (hereinafter "the Company"), in its capacity as controller, informs, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union and the provisions of Greek legislation on the protection of personal data the natural person ( hereinafter, regardless of gender or status "Customer") that it and / or third parties, by order and on its behalf, will process data concerning it, in the context of the transaction for the product or service of the company (categories of these carpets, non-slip floors, cleaning supplies, household-professional stationery, sanitary ware, business equipment, disposable household items and professional detergents, business uniforms and medical supplies, safety films and sunscreens and repair and maintenance services or in specialized in cases and always by transfer arrangement), as mentioned below.

I. What data do we collect *?

Identification data of both the Customer, such as VAT, Name, Tax Office, Type of Business so that there can be a legal transaction according to the law and the natural person who can operate on behalf of the Customer, to give us the above required by law data.
 Communication data, such as postal and e-mail address, landline and mobile phone.
Data relating to the Customer's identity and transactional identities, which are provided by devices or applications it uses, such as ip addresses or other data provided through devices that the Customer uses as location identifiers, as well as data Internet browsing (cookies), which alone or in combination with unique identifiers can be used to identify and create a profile of the Customer.
Data relating to the Customer's telephone conversations, which are recorded in accordance with the requirements of the legal framework.
* With the exception of data 1 and 2 which are absolutely necessary for any transactional or contractual relationship of the Customer with the Company, the type and number of other data collected depend on the type of relationship on a case by case basis and the product offered or supplied or service.
 II. Where do we collect your data from?
The above mentioned personal data are collected from the following mentioned sources:

Identity and communication data (under I, 1-2 above) from the Customer and / or from publicly accessible sources, including social networks on a website.
The data (under I, 3 above) concerning identities of the Customer's identity and transactional behavior or position from devices or applications used by the Customer himself, or from publicly accessible sources including social networks and from the providers cooperating with the Company services (indicative Google)
The data * under I, 4 above) from the telephone conversations with the Customer.
If the processing of the above personal data is based on the Customer's consent, the Bank follows the procedures provided by law for informing the Customer and obtaining his consent.
III. Why do we collect your data and how do we process it?
The personal data collected according to the above, either at the beginning of the transaction or afterwards, are processed for the following purposes.

The identification of the Customer and the communication with him in any case of transactional, pre-contractual or contractual termination with him, for the fulfillment of contractual and / or legal obligations of the Company.
In the granting of credit in any form and in the context of compliance with legal obligations or the defense of the legal interest of the company:
i) for the assessment of the credit risk that you either call on the Company to undertake, or has undertaken.
(ii) to monitor the progress of the relevant contract and the debt.
(iii) to prevent or reduce the likelihood of default;
iv) for the purpose of recovering the debts due in case of breach of the relevant obligation, which constitute by law
and regulatory decisions of supervisors, but also against all its customers and members
(v) for the management of credit claims
The preparation of a contract with the Customer, its execution and in general its smooth operation and the fulfillment of the obligations of the Company to the Customer.

The documentation of a request submitted by the Customer (such as a request for replacement of a defective product) and its examination by the Company.