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Ρολά Κουζίνας Οικιακής Χρήσης

Model: 100203
Kitchen Paper 2f Waffle 2kg (Set/2pcs)  ..
Kitchen Roll 2f Professional White, 90.4 Meters, 1kg/Pc. (Set/6pcs)
-19 %
Model: 100600
CHARACTERISTICS Kitchen roll, PtP, Extra absorbent and durable, 90.4 meters, 1Kg, Ten times kitchen roll Point to Point technology Extra absorbent and durable, leaves no lint Bleached chemical pulp paper Packaging: 6 Rolls, 6x1Kg Net weight of roll: 1Kg (963 gr) Roll sheets: 452 (double-sided..
3.150€ 3.900€
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